Player Profile

Wes Harding


Nationality :British (UK)
Date Of Birth :20/10/1996
Height :183cm
Weight :82kg
  • Position
  • 109Games Played
  • 2534Minutes Played
  • 33Starts
  • 2Substitution On
  • 3Substitution Off
  • 64Passes
  • 78.8%Passing Accuracy
  • 87%Passing Accuracy opp. Half
  • 15Duels Won
  • 22Duels Lost
  • 36%Duels Won (%)
  • 7Aerial Duels Won
  • 6Aerial Duels Lost
  • 51%Aerial Duels Won (%)
  • 7Recoveries
  • 1Tackles Won
  • 0Tackles Lost
  • 100%Tackles Won (%)
  • 5Clearances
  • 3Blocks
  • 1Interceptions
  • 3Penalties Conceded
  • 2Fouls Won
  • 1Fouls Conceded
  • 1Yellow Cards
  • 1Red Cards
  • 3Goals
  • 0Penalty Goals
  • 230Minutes Per Goal
  • 5Total Shots On Target
  • 4Total Shots Off Target
  • 45.6%Shooting Accuracy
  • 3Successful Crosses
  • 2Unsuccessful Crosses
  • 66.8%Successful Crosses (%)
  • 0Assists
  • 4Chances Created
  • 1Penalties Won
  • 3Offsides

What school did you go to? Beauchamp College.
What was the first team you played for and were they any good? Kingsway Rovers and no.
Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it? Wes or Wezza.
How were you spotted by Blues? Through them watching me at other clubs.
How long have you been at the club? Eight months.
Who has been the biggest influence on you since joining the club? Steve Spooner.
What are your strengths as a player? Speed and heading.
If you could improve one part of your game what would it be? My technical ability.
What would be a successful 12 months for you now? To be starting regularly and getting far in the FA Youth Cup.
How much interaction do you have with the first team? A lot.
What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Be careful off the pitch.
What boots do you wear? Adidas Adipures.
Are you any good at any other sports? Basketball and athletics.
What other non-footballing sportsman do you most admire? Basketball player LeBron James and sprinter Usain Bolt.
Tell us something about you we wouldn’t know? I’ve represented Leicestershire and Rutland in athletics.
What is your favourite pre-match meal? Beans and egg on toast.
Who is the most skilful player you have played with? Danny Crowley (An England youth international who joined Arsenal in the
Who is your best friend in football? Sam Deadfield.
Do you use Twitter?If so, what is your Twitter name? Yes. It’s @mrwesleyharding.
Which team did you support as boy? Arsenal.
What is the best goal you have ever scored? It was a volley from the halfway line vs. Cardiff City.
Who do you think is the best footballer in your position? Thiago Silva.
What is the most memorable match you have played in? My first match at six years of age.oals.

Wes Harding has emerged into the Blues’ fans radar after he appeared in the first pre-season friendly of the year. 

I have noticed him from when he has played in the younger age groups. Before anyone asks, yes I may have a slight crush on him, but Gray still is my number one. However, after initially catching my eye because of this, I noticed him for his football ability.

At the younger age groups, it is often noticeable how big the gap is between the standard of leagues from the U21’s to the first team. This is because the players lack both in terms of physicality but also in the mental aspects of the game; positioning and the like.

Centre backs are often under developed at this age because it takes experience to fully be confident in that position. Also, the partnership between the two central defenders needs to be worked on and a relationship needs to be built upon. 

So when he started with Spector in the recent game at Nuneaton, I had my doubts that he would impress straightaway. I was wrong.

Normally, players lack confidence in a new set up at a higher level but Wes was demanding the ball from the start. Even when he received the ball, he took it in his stride, protected it well and even set up a few attacks.

The composure that he had on the ball defied his mere age and I believe that this skill can be developed but it is in grained. You cannot fully teach this to someone and so it is a real advantage that Harding has this ability.

In terms of the future, I think he can definitely be a star for the Blues’ because he has the right attitude to succeed. He works hard on the pitch whenever I have seen him and he is always talking; something that is often missing in younger players.

We have a really good player on our hands; if he can be nurtured, he will be one hell of a player.